A domain name for most businesses is the last on the list. However it should be a top priority. It is the key to the visibility of your website. Important is to use a combination of strategies, imagination and good linguistic design. Ideally, your domain name should be as short as possible but still have the meaning related to what your business sells or offers.


Some important questions.

The first question: Is there a domain name that is listed as Premium Domain and are you willing to spend $1000. or more on your domain name?

Do you have a web designer that is able to come up with a design and can get your keywords set up in the script of your website?

How do you plan to get traffic to your website? Answering this question can help you avoid a lot of confusion about what makes up for a good name.

For example some belief that: lawyersadvise.com and slideshow.com windowinstaller.com are great Domain names closing out the use of the company’s name.

So, what do we think.? One option does not have to close-out the other. We are in favour of a “discoverable” domain name. That’s a name that can be found by someone who doesn’t know about your website but is doing web searches on keywords and phrases related to a specific topic or product by typing words and phrases directly into the Google or Yahoo search bar.

Discoverable names are generically descriptive and will come up first when part or all of it is typed in. Reason for using the “discoverable” domain name is that your domain name is your strongest keyword in searches.

However, you still can also use your company name as a second and forwarding domain-name so both domains are pointing to your website. Reason. Some people may just type in your company name. So with the use of two domain names on either one of the searches they will find your website.

Another advise for finding the perfect domain is to combine the city where your business is located with the type of service or products you offer. Like oshawawindows.com What ever you like to bring out in your domain name you can rest assured that our services are professional and creative and that your website will be seen.

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